A New Year, An Amazing Road Ahead

So it’s been almost 2 months since our last update, but honestly with the wait comes incredibly exciting news, and an awesome road ahead for Arc & Stones. First and foremost our New Year’s Eve show at The Bitter End in NYC was absolutely incredible, and all of us collectively agree that it was honestly the best night of our lives. There was an indescribable buzz in the air, and the energy throughout the night was simply amazing.  After a wild countdown, we rang in the year A & S style with a 12 song set. The response from the crowd was humbling, and to everyone who came, we are forever grateful for your singing voices, your energy, and your loyalty to us four boys on that stage.

…Also, to the girl that jumped on stage who we do not know, thanks for dancing with us.

Adding to wonderful news, our E.P. is set to release in 9 DAYS!!! The self-titled 5 song disc has been building up some momentum these past couple months with write-ups from our friends at I Am Entertainment Magazine, MusicNews.com, BIRP.com, Examiner.com, and so many more! It’s been quite an exciting time leading up to where we are now, and hopefully February 12th is the first of many great moments for all in the Arc & Stones family.

Our EP release show is set for February 16th at The Bitter End, in NYC. They have been so good to us over there, and we are so grateful to be putting on yet another exciting show for you all, at a spot we all know and love so, so much. You can get all the details here: http://www.facebook.com/events/144827012342192/

We can’t wait to share everything we have for you. You mean so much to us, every single one of you, and the continued support is most appreciated.

We thank and love you. Long live Rock ‘n Roll.

Arc & Stones




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