Corrlinks Login to Stay in Touch with Prisoners

Nowadays, the advance of the technology enables people to communicate with their family, colleagues easily. Using social media such as WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, etc. as a communication tool has been used by people for communication. Distance will not be a problem for them. They can call or send an important message to each other. However, it will be a great obstacle to connect with their loved ones if they are in prison. Being behind the bar means prisoners’ circle of interaction will be cut off since the governments do not want prisoners to commit illegal things or crime running behind the bars.  Fortunately, the creation of the Corrlinks Login helps people to stay in touch with their inmates.

What Is Corrlinks?

Corrlinks is an official email system created by the private sector. The bureau of prisons let prisoners use it so prisoners can reach out to their family or colleague. Shortly, it is the prisoner communication portal. Now, prisoners’ family and colleague will not need to go to jail if they want to meet and have a word with prisoners because they can send and print e-mail message for communication. To be able to do it, prisoners have to pay 0.05 dollars for one minute and 0.15 dollars for one page printed.

How To Use Corrlinks Login

  • Create a social media account

Since it uses email, people need to have a social media account. People can run this program by visiting the official site that is or types the keyword Corrlinks by computer or smartphone or directly downloads it on their smartphone. Just like the other social media platform, people need an internet connection to access it. Preparing a valid email address is the first to do. After they input their email address and write down the registration information, they have to set up the password. Keeping in mind the email and password is a must for them, so they will not find trouble to contact prisoners later.

  • Login to their account

The second thing to do is log in to their account. They have to make sure they remember their email and password so they can log in smoothly and fast. The login step is easy and simple. It can be done in seconds if their internet connection is in good condition. If they cannot log in, it might be better for them to reset the Corrlinks password by clicking “forgot password”. After that, enter the email account is required. Then, they can access their email messages just in case they get the validation message from Corrlinks Login. They will be able to reach their account after making a new password and clicking “Reset Password” button. If they still find a bump on this process, they can ask and contact the Corrlinks help desk.

  • Write a message

The third step is to write a message. They can type their precious message by clicking the mailbox button. The same thing applied to this one. People need to select recipients first. They can add a new contact by typing the prison location and prisoners’ register number.  To make it simple, they need to enter an invitation code from prisoners in the first place. After people get prisoners’ contact, they can write down the message they want to send. Their message can be up to 13.000 characters since there are 13.000 characters in the email body.

  • Wait for the recipient

The fourth step can be the most awaited step. People need to wait for the prisoners to open their email and read the message. People do not need to worry whether their message is already sent or not because Corrlinks will notify the prisoners if they get a new message. Moreover, they also save the incoming and sent a message so they can read their previous message many times. However, the system can only save the message for up to 2 months.

A billion thanks to the creator of Corrlinks Login, the existence of it help people to stay in touch with the prisoners. Now, the prisoners can get information from family, colleague easily. There are four steps that can be done by them; they are creating social media account, log in to their account, write a message, and wait for the recipient.